Artist Management

Tumi Morake

Tumi Morake continues to be a formidable force in the male saturated comedy industry. Since beginning her career in smoky clubs in 2006, she has steadily grown into one of South Africa’s most sought after comedians, earning the title of South Africa’s First Lady of Comedy – not bad for a mother of three and wife of one.

Morake’s edgy and unpredictable brand of comedy has earned her a place as a headliner on several stages in line up shows and comedy festivals all over South Africa. She’s bold, she’s sassy and you simply can’t ignore her.

Riaad Moosa

Doctor Riaad Moosa is an award-winning comedian, presenter, writer and actor; and happens to be a qualified medical doctor as well!

Although Riaad is a medical doctor, he his more widely known as a standup comedian and actor. He starred as Ahmed Kathrada in Anant Singh’s epic Oscar and Golden Globe nominated movie ‘Mandela – Long Walk to Freedom.’ Riaad originally flexed his comedic and dramatic acting muscles when he played the lead in the internationally acclaimed movie ‘Material’ (also co-written by Riaad), which continues to inspire audiences all over South Africa and Film festival audiences all over the world. Riaad Moosa won the SAFTA (South African Film and Television Award) for Best Actor for his role in ‘Material’, which also received SAFTA’s for Best Film, Best Director and Best Supporting Actor in 2013. ‘Material 2’ or ‘New Material’ will be released in October 2020.

Ndumiso Lindi

Ndumiso Lindi is a brilliant and genuinely funny South Africa comedian. His intuition and intellect give him a firm grasp of his nation’s collective funny bone, and so he appeals to a huge spectrum of the population.

From the first time you see Ndumiso, you can’t help but feel good. His novel blend of nu-school style and solid tradition makes for a brilliant and outstanding South African comedy act. His deep voice, soul-warming smile, booming laughter, original content and seamless delivery leave you proud to be African and laughing from the belly.

Simmi Areff

There is nothing more that Simmi loves than making people laugh. Ok that is a lie. He does love his mother more than making people laugh.

Handsome by day. Funny by night. He is effervescent, observant, witty, awkward, sarcastic and erudite (That is a big word for clever).

Simmi has performed throughout South Africa on big stages with other big comedians.

The Sunday Times and Forbes Africa magazine rate him as an influential millennial and that is kind of a big deal.